Stop dreaming of toppling govts department head tells Hadi

PETALING JAYA: Stop harboring dreams of toppling the government, Community Communications Department director-general has told Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang (pic) and his followers.

Datuk Dr Mohammad Agus Yusoff said it was hard for the current government to fall due to the anti-party hopping law.

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  • Toppling the government is an uphill task for PAS, what more since the unity government has a two-thirds majority in Parliament.
  • Given the circumstances, stop dreaming of toppling the current government.
  • Let us instead focus on government efforts to elevate Malaysia and create a united, great and progressive nation,” he said in a Facebook post on Tuesday (March 7).
  • He also called for politicking to cease until the next general election and allow for the current government to remain stable.
  • Stop dreaming of toppling govts department head tells Hadi

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    “For now, be constructive opposition for the benefit of the nation,” he said.

    He added that the current government also emphasized unity by rejecting religious and racial extremism as well as those who continuously played those cards.


    Referring to Abdul Hadi’s statement that “changing the government was a norm in politics”, Mohammad Agus said any change of government in a democratic system would be through elections.

    “Following elections, all parties should cooperate to alleviate the people’s issues.


    “For the coming elections, return the mandate to the people and let them make their choice.

    “Is it that hard to understand? How bad is the current government that it has to be replaced?” he asked.


    On March 1, Hadi said that he expected the government to fall in the near future, but he did not offer details on how it would happen.

    Defending his statement on March 6, the Marang MP said the Opposition had every right to try to make it


Despite criticism of his earlier remarks, the PAS president said his claim was “merely political” and “normal” in politics.

“Matters like a vote of no confidence, collecting statutory declarations and government supporters who are no longer loyal – these are normal.

“We have the right to plan, and no one can stop us from making plans (to topple the government),” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby here on Monday (March 6).

He also claimed there were hints of disunity among members of the government.

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