Shouts of ‘memalukan’ – and Rayer gets kicked out

Yells of “memalukan” (dishonorable) repeated in the Dewan Rakyat today as resistance MPs hit out at Dewan Rakyat delegate speaker Rashid Hasnon over his choice to dismiss movements to supplant speaker Azhar Azizan Harun.

The following dramatization over the matter likewise saw RSN Rayer (PH-Jelutong) being catapulted from the Dewan Rakyat and suspended for two days.Rayer had addressed Rashid over what he said was absence of straightforwardness in dismissing the movement.

“Why would that be no straightforwardness in the movement to supplant the Speaker?” Rayer asked, calling the answer from Rashid shameful.Rashid then, at that point requested that Rayer withdraw the word yet he rejected and was then suspended.

After the suspension was declared, one resistance MP wryly inquired as to whether this was among the parliamentary changes the public authority was arranging.

Rashid was heard saying Rayer was suspended for utilizing the word dishonorable.

“I have pride as well. He utilized the word dishonorable,” Rashid said.This prompted all resistance MPs consistently scoffing “disgraceful” as one.

The resistance MPs were despondent after Rashid said he had given a composed answer to the individuals who presented the movement for the Speaker to be supplanted.

He likewise said the movement presented by Amanah and PKR MPs didn’t follow certain guidelines and had been dismissed, adding that no requests were made.

As resistance MPs kept on requesting for straightforwardness over the dismissal of their movements, Rashid said since he had given a composed answer, he didn’t have to do as such in the House.

Prior, resistance MPs had requested that Azhar answer if their movement was acknowledged however Azhar said he had recused himself in the matter.

He then, at that point called for Rashid to assume control over the sitting.

On Aug 13, Amanah said they had presented a movement to eliminate Azhar as the Speaker. Resistance MPs have likewise considered Azhar a lapdog, guaranteeing that his choices all preferred the public authority.

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