Questions over ‘expiry date’ of motions

Whether or not movements can terminate had the Dewan Rakyat making fun of speaker Azhar Azizan Harun, who said that except if mentioned to be conveyed forward, they can without a doubt slip by toward the finish of a meeting.

This happened after Gobind Singh Deo (PH-Puchong) pushed the speaker about the situation with his movement in regards to previous accepted law serve Takiyuddin Hassan (PAS-Kota Bharu) for his remarks on renouncing the crisis ordinances.In late July, Gobind had recorded a movement to allude Takiyuddin to the Rights and Privileges Committee over his assertion.

Azhar answered that toward the finish of a meeting, except if mentioned by those postponing it, the movement “lapses”, refering to Standing Order 15(5).

His clarification was met with agrees from some MPs.One MP kidded that they “thought it was just food that had an expiry date,” to which Azhar shot back that people, as well, could terminate.

At the point when the MP inquired as to whether the speaker had an expiry date, Azhar curtly answered “yes”.

Another MP poked that in case this was the situation, Azhar ought to get halal affirmation.

A to and fro among Azhar and Gobind resulted, with Azhar rehashing that if a movement was not presented before the finish of a meeting, it would lapse when the meeting finished.

While Gobind requested to know what choice had been made on the movement, which Azhar had vowed to reply, others could be heard griping that movements could be slowed down until the finish of a meeting so they would just “disappear”.

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