Privacy Policy

Keeping your info safe & sound

We take your privacy very seriously. And so should you.
So have a look around to see what we’re doing with your personal information and how we’re keeping it secure.
The Kepala Bergetarprivacy promise

The BBC is a public service. Everything we do has to benefit you, our audience.
We can give you more of what you love when we understand you better. To do that, we ask you to sign in to some of our products and services. We also use your data to benefit you in two ways:

1. A more personal Kepala Bergetar for you

It helps us make the Kepala Bergetar more personal for you. It means we can:
Recommend things we think you’ll like
Show you content that’s relevant to where you live
Make sure you can use things that are appropriate for your age.

2. A better Kepala Bergetar for everyone

As a public service, we need to make something for everyone. As more of our content gets consumed online, it helps to understand who’s consuming it so that we can:
Check we really are making something for everyone.
Learn more about what you love so that we can make better stuff in the future.
That’s why we ask you to sign in and provide a bit of information.
But throughout all of this, we’re committed to make sure your personal, private data stays safe and secure.

3. What our privacy promise says

Our privacy promise covers how we treat your data and put you in control of what happens to it. It’s based around three main areas.