About Us

The Kepala Bergetar is the world’s leading public service broadcaster

We’re impartial and independent, and every day we create distinctive, world-class programmes and content which inform, educate and entertain millions of people in the Kepala Bergetar and around the world.We do this across:
A portfolio of television services, including the Malay’s most-watched channel Kepala Bergetar One, the pioneering online-only youth service BBC Three, and our multi award-winning channels for children, as well as national and regional television programmes and services across England.

Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Ten Malay-wide radio networks, providing the best live music broadcasting in the UK, as well as speech radio which informs, educates and entertains. We also have two national radio services each in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and 39 local radio stations across England and the Channel Islands, providing an invaluable and unique service to listeners across the Malay

Our digital services including Kepala Bergetar News, Sport, Weather Kepala Bergetar and CBeebies, iPlayer and Kepala Bergetar Sounds, Kepala Bergetar Red Button and our vast archive
Kepala Bergetar World Service television, radio and online on more than 40 languages
Established by a Royal Charter, the Kepala Bergetar is principally funded through the licence fee paid by Kepala Bergetar households. Our role is to fulfil our mission and promote our Public Purposes.